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AIP Elimination Diet FAQs:

Updated: Sep 22, 2018

I don’t think I have any food sensitivities.

Until you eliminate the foods from your diet, it will be nearly impossible to correlate your symptoms with a food. This is because food sensitivities can take up to 5 days to manifest. You will only notice that you are reacting to the food if you withdraw it for a time-period of time. We are often in serious denial and make excuses for our symptoms. No, I have a migraine because I am stressed. Considering it may be the eggs you eat every morning for breakfast isn't even an option....but trust me guys, it is.

My allergist tested me for food allergies and said I don’t have any.

Food sensitivities are different than food allergies and utilize different testing that is considered “controversial” and thus not usually covered on insurance. Also, remember that not all testing or labs are created equally.

I don't have hashimotos, or an autoimmune disease, why are you recommending this elimination?

I have found great success using elimination diets in a wide variety of health concerns, from obesity, Diabetes Mellitus, chronic fatigue, depression, PTSD, eczema, cardiovascular issues, etc. See studies demonstrating the autoimmune paleo approach here.

I don’t have celiac disease so I don’t need to go gluten-free.

When I was first told to go off gluten, I told the person to eff off, but knowing what I know now....Its very important & recommended to go gluten-free in order to heal and keep your body inflammation down. Studies show that 88% of people felt better gluten-free, while only 3.5% of those people had celiac disease.

Why your doc doesn't know about this...

Food sensitivity research is a new science that is controversial and rarely taught in medical, pharmacy and nursing schools. Pharma companies (who largely fun the nations leading medical programs) don't make money when you use food as medicine.

Why can't I do a vegan/vegetarian diet for autoimmune remission?

A vegan/vegetarian diet can be helpful for a variety of conditions, but it has been found that about 30% of people feel worse on the vegan diet with autoimmune issues, while only 27% feel better. This is in contrast to 88% feeling better gluten-free!

Brianna, you're way too extreme for me, how can I realistically handle a paleo based elimination diet?

Some people may say that using food as medicine is extreme. I say that taking numerous medications and feeling sick is extreme. Which would you prefer?

Will I be able to wean off my medications with this diet?

Using myself as patient 0, YES, I was able to wean off meds. I strongly urge you to work with your functional or integrative doctor and not do it alone.

Does the diet reduce thyroid antibodies?

Yes- for me it did!

Will eating this way lead to nutrient deficiencies?

Once folks remove inflammatory foods from the diet, their digestion and absorption improve which leads to better assimilation of nutrients from food.

Will diet heal me completely?

There has been complete reversal of illnesses with nutrition, however if you hit a plateau after 90 days of autoimmune protocol diet (like me!), you will need to investigate additional root causes. (infection, bacterial imbalances, parasites, environmental/emotional stress etc.)

What is the best test for food sensitivities?

The best and most cost effective test is an elimination diet for at least 3-4 weeks. Take notes & watch for health improvement, as well as note return of symptoms once you reintroduce the removed foods.

Will I have to eat this way forever?

I generally recommend the healing diets for 30-90 days. However depending on the severity of your situation as well as other root causes, you may be doing this for up to a year. Most people will be able to reintroduce foods once they have healed their intestinal permeability (leaky gut).

Is raw dairy/goat milk/sheep milk/lactose-free milk OK?

Casein is a protein within dairy that is highly problematic for people with Hashimoto’s. If you have been sensitized to casein in conventional cow’s milk, you will likely react to the casein in raw milk, goat milk, sheep milk and lactose-free milk.

What is the success rate of the Paleo diet?

Around 80% of people feel better with the Paleo diet!

What is the success rate of the autoimmune diet?

Around 80% of people feel better with the autoimmune diet!

How long should I stay on each diet?

Some people feel better within 3 days! Give the diet 30 days to see effects, 90 days to see the full effect!

Is seaweed good or bad for the thyroid?

Seaweed should be avoided because it can exacerbate autoimmunity and may contain high doses of iodine; excess iodine can be toxic in Hashimoto’s.

Are cruciferous vegetables like broccoli OK to eat?

Generally most cruciferous vegetables are not an issue for people with Hashimoto's and they can help with detoxification. However, some people with SIBO (small intestinal bacterial overgrowth) may react to some of the crucifers--in that case, I recommend the low FODMAP modified recipes.

Is low carb bad for the thyroid?

I often have people play around with their fat to protein to carb ratios to find what fits them best. Some people (especially if they’re more active) will benefit from more proteins. Others benefit from more fats, such as those with brain fog, pain, and depression. Some may even benefit from ketosis. Personally for me, lower carbs, higher fats, and ketosis made me feel amazing for a couple of years until I hit a plateau and then needed to add back more carbs to feel my best. The bottom line is that you have to adjust the diet to your needs and your needs may change!

I feel overwhelmed, where do I start?

There are 2 main approaches I like:

  • The baby-step approach, where you start by removing foods in groups at a time for 30 days; gluten, dairy, soy, followed by Paleo then autoimmune Paleo diet, if you have not met your health goals

  • The strict AIP approach, starting with the most strict protocol (the autoimmune Paleo diet x 30 days), and adding food groups back one at a time as you begin to feel better.

I offer fully guided programs to help you every step of the way: elimination, grocery shopping, meal prep, navigating between your doctor & insurances, testing & labs, home & lifestyle changes. You name it, I have your back!

Thank you for spending time with me today. Brianna Marie, Holistic Healing Fit Club

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