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HHFC Workout: Back & Abs

Contrary to popular belief, I do workout ALL of my body parts lol, not just lower body. I love working out upper body too. Today's focus is on back and some core strengthening too! Try it out & let me know how you do!

If you didn't know, I will tell you now. I have been in a LOT of car accidents. Some might say that people seek my car out in an attempt to play bumper cars! I also have to be very careful not to exacerbate my total body inflammation (cytokine's- some are good, some are bad but these are proteins produced by various cells. They regulate inflammation, if you have too many of the wrong kind as with arthritis, it can be a big problem.) Point being that I really warm up my body and upper body a ton before I start lifting, the first 2 super sets I do are low to med weights in order to continue warming up and allows me not to pull my neck out...which can also happen from a sneeze these days but less and less now that I have done so much healing work!

Ok, ready?! Let's go!

Warm Up

  • Row Machine 5-7 minutes

  • Mobility Stick 5 minutes (lateral, oblique, halos, rowing etc.)

  • Foam Roll 2-3 min back & shoulders

  • Rear Delt, angled 20 (light weight, 5lbs)

  • Neck Rotation *NOT CIRCLES look over left & right shoulders

  • Deep breathing: inhale through nose-same time shrug shoulders up, exhale through mouth-same time release shoulders 3x

Set 1

  • Rear Delt Cable x15 (make sure to use a light enough weight that doesn't have your neck tensing up-shoulders relaxed and down *I use 5-10 ea side)

  • Straight Arm Pull-down x20 (*I use 30-50lbs)

  • Bosu Oblique Crunch x15 ea side

Repeat 3x

Set 2

  • TRX Inverted Rows x10-15 body weight)

  • Renegade Rows x15 ea side (I use 10-15lbs)

  • Mountain Climbers x20 ea side

Repeat 3x

Set 3

  • V Bar Lat Pull Down x20 (I use 70-120lbs)

  • Trap Rope Pulls x20 (I use 50-100lbs)

  • Cable Rope Crunches x20 (I use 50-100lbs)

Repeat 3x

Set 4

  • Swimmers 45 sec

  • Bird dog 30 sec hold each side x3 (3 each side) =1 set

  • Leg elevated on Ball Crunches x30

Repeat 3x

Cool down

  • Cat/cow x6

  • Supine Twist 20 sec ea x 3

  • Fists forward bend-come up very slowly, head last

YAY! How'd you do? Comment below & share if you enjoyed.

Thanks for joining me today!

Brianna Marie, HHFC

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