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Blood Microscopy: Anecdotal or Legit?

What is LBA (live blood analysis) or blood microscopy?

We all know that our blood plays a vital role in our overall health. Not only does our blood transport oxygen and nutrients to our cells, but it also removes cellular waste. Live Blood Analysis is completed by using a small drop of blood from your fingertip, and observed for approximately 40-50 minutes under a powerful microscope.  This microscope is connected to a camera so that the process may be watched and results can be given immediately.  They are able to look at the condition and the quality of your blood, and determine significant influences on your present and future health path.  Stress and disease often show in the blood long before anything manifests in the body.

Impatiently waiting

I had just finished numerous lab tests to analyze my blood, urine, saliva & poo for many conditions and was impatiently waiting for the results! (results here) I saw more than a couple people I know & trust undergoing blood microscopy's and started to do a little research for myself. Honestly, most of what I found online were from naysayers discrediting LBA.

Let's be real, LBA is considered alternative medicine, and anything outside of conventional medicine is frowned upon by M.D.'s and skeptics. I have spent way more on conventional medical testing in the past that lead me down a rabbit hole of non-answers & misdiagnosis, so I decided to give it a try anyway!

I contacted the dynamic Philip & Dama, a husband/wife duo at Life is in the Blood in Las Vegas and scheduled my consult!

Pretty standard, filled out some paperwork and didn't really divulge too much of what I already suspected was going on with me. A short & painless finger prick later and we were viewing my actual blood on a large monitor! Words cannot even describe how cool it was to see my RBCs (red blood cells) and my little WBCs (white blood cells) moving around under the microscope. It was so fascinating especially being that I am currently studying all of our little amazing cells and their functions.

What we found

During the blood analysis, Phillip and Dama observed parasite eggs, candida overgrowth, bacteria, liver issues, as well as amino deficiencies and more.

Fast forward to my lab test results. They showed all of what was observed during the LBA, much of which was missed by my past lab tests.

Phillip & Dama gave me supplemental recommendations as well as a few alternative treatments (castor oil liver protocol). I found them both highly knowledgeable in their field and completely recommend LBA for anyone interested in getting answers regarding their health. If you are someone who has ailments but isn't getting answers, this is a no-brainer. Find someone in your area that is well reviewed and go for it!

As you all know, I am currently following my #operationgutheal protocol and am finally starting to see some positive health changes. It takes a full mind-body approach with combinations of many things but I think LBA is worthwhile.

Leave your LBA experiences in the comments!

Thanks for spending some time with me today!

Brianna, Holistic Healing Fit Club

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