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Digging up my roots

When I talk about roots today, I mean my root causes. We've touched on this before and you should now know that every chronic illness or symptom has at least one root cause but normally more. read more...

If you've followed my #operationgutheal journey, you know that this was the year that I began to find the answers I had been so desperately searching for all of these years. Why were my symptoms getting worse and worse? Why could no one give me a proper diagnosis? read more...

I want to remind you all that I speak a lot about Hashimotos, RA, eczema and asthma because that's what my body is dealing with, however all of this info applies to ALL chronic disease/symptoms. (diabetes, MS, eczema, etc).

So what I have learned on this journey. It started when I was in utero, with my mothers environment, next I was born into a very stressful environment emotionally and physically. As a child I became addicted to sugar, dairy, fast food etc. I developed asthma, had several surgeries and was sick often, so antibiotics were very frequent. All of that created a perfect storm for intestinal permeability (leaky gut) and the introduction of an extraordinarily stressful life in my teens and 20s wreaked havoc on my body. Eventually my body's homeostatic ability started to fail which produced all of the autoimmune symptoms I have today.

The root causes for my hormone, hashimotos, RA, and asthma were:

1. My in utero/chilhood/adolescent history

2. A severe imbalance of good vs bad bacteria-this is something I was born with. With an imbalance so severe and an Hpylori infection worse than anything documented, it has been a long road to recovery...but I see the light at the end of the tunnel.

3. I also had a parasite infestation, which was treated and will be retested once my leaky gut in mended more.

4. Adrenal fatigue so severe that my body no longer creates its own cortisol. This happens when you live in fight or flight 24/7, a common side effect of someone coming from an abusive home, or with PTSD. I have both.

5. Negative mental outlook. I've always felt like the world worked against me, now with all of the progress I have made and the education I have given myself, I know how to shift my outlook. You attract what you think and feel.

So now, several months later into #missionremission I am no longer simply hopeful, I am positive that my body is healed. With the many changes in lifestyle and many therapeutic modalities I am using, I have put myself into a healthy remissive state. It has been truly enlightening and something I will be forever grateful for.

That is not to say that I am finished healing. Its a constant practice of mind-body wellness. It is also still early in my remission, and I am still healing/resolving my root causes, so I have had a couple of flares. Let's remember that flares do not mean failure. Its just a simple "hello", and chance to learn what to improve upon. For me, it was to address my stress response more in depth than I already was. I see what I need to improve upon, things I have been resistant to change, for ex) reducing TV time at night before bed-for me watching TV is often too stimulating emotionally. As an empath seeing things before I am supposed to go into a restful state and recover my body does the opposite and sleep is SO very valuable to us all.

I am thankful to have gone through all of this, I would never have learned how to change this downward spiral or how to help others implement positive changes in their lives otherwise.

Things I have changed or used to heal:

#1 most important thing was to realize that spending time and money on myself was NOT something to feel guilty about. We are so quick to maintain our inanimate objects but when it comes to our own bodies, minds & lives...we excuse it off as something we cannot afford. Without your health my loves, nothing else matters.

Detox your home

NLP Therapy

Theta Healing

Functional Medicine Testing

Halo Therapy Red Light Therapy


Nutrient dense, clean foods:

Grass Fed Meats

Low metal fish

Organic in season produce


Its important to know that its a marathon, not a sprint. Change doesn't happen overnight, nor does a diseased state. The more you implement positive change into your life, the closer you will be to achieving symptom-free living.

Thank you for spending some time with me today, have a blessed day!

Brianna Marie, Holistic Healing Fit Club

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