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Leg Day: Hamstring & Glute Focus

Everyone asks if my butt is real….with the Brazilian butt lift being one of the most popular surgeries of 2017, I don't blame them. Although I‘m flattered, but I am proud to say that its 100% real! Want to grow your butt naturally? Try this free workout!

Welcome to leg day! My favorite of all gym days. Which is why I generally work legs a few times a week. Different focuses of course. I will either do heavy lifting, plyometrics, isometrics or Pilates. Today is more of a plyo day and iso day. Try your best & enjoy!

Warm up:

5-10 min uphill treadmill (fast walk)

3 min foam roll legs/glute/low back

Booty band clam shells 30ea side

Set 1

  • Booty Band Jumping Jacks: 35 sec

  • Booty Band Low Side Steps: 35 sec

  • Booty Band Squat Hold/Pulse: 35 sec

Repeat 3x total

Set 2

  • Booty Band hip thrust: 45 sec, no weight

  • Booty Band Double leg bench bridge: 45 sec

  • Booty Band Double leg bench bridge pulse at the top: 45 sec

Repeat 3x total

Set 3

  • Single Leg Deadlift x15 ea side (use a weight that's challenging but doesn't hurt your knee/hip etc. I use 10-15+lbs in each hand)

  • Double Leg Hamstring Curl Machine x15 (I use 60+lbs)

  • Reverse Lung (in place) x15 each (I use 10-15+ lbs)

Repeat 3x total

*Amount of weight varies based on my goals at the time of the workout. Currently I am taking it easier than normal to ensure my stem cells grow properly, the heavier you go, the bigger your muscles grow fyi.

Set 4

  • Kneeling Cable Kick Backs x25 each side




Increase weight each set

Set 5

Lunge stretch 35 sec

Piriformis stretch: Standing or lying down 35 sec ea side

Foam Roll: 5 min

Congrats! You made it and didn't die! Great job! Check back for more fun workouts!

In health,

Brianna Marie, HHFC

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