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Hitting the AI wall

There I was trucking along with my amazing progress and results when....

LIFE HAPPENED! Lol, normal I supposed for some serious life curve balls to be thrown at my head. I wish I could say that I handled everything well or better than I normally would have but alas, I did not. I’ve been dealing with a lot & didn’t want to put any negativity anywhere, so I decided to take a computer detox until I could get my shit together :)

If you follow me in instagram, then you heard about my little Rosie P. My little girl Rosie halfway died last week due to a spider bite that sent her into organ failure and the loss of more than 50% of her blood volume. Two blood transfusions, plasma transfusion, multiple epinephrine shots...SHE SURVIVED! (At first, they told me she had cancer & would die in 3 months with surgery-they were incorrect but had just never seen a case of anaphylaxis so severe.) I am so thankful! After all, London & I could never be without our Rosie!

While she was recovering, I had to fly across the country on a pre-scheduled trip to visit my quickly declining Nonna who has dementia, its heartbreaking. Those plus multiple other major stressors brought about my good ole PTSD. Needless to say, my body started reacting majorly to the emotional stress. Aside from nutrition, supplementation and hydration, I stopped doing all things that offer me balance. I also reverted to old me with some too intense workouts when I’m supposed to be in healing adrenal mode.

I’ve had an eczema & acne flare up...mood lability...sleep issues...depression...excruciating pain in my joints & bones (RA), I do not want to look at my antibody numbers right now, they were declining but may have risen.


I know what I need to do. I know I will succeed and learn from this.

This week I've started making MY health the #1 priority again. I am seriously behind in work & school, but my health is coming first! (That's not something I ever imagined that I would be saying)

I've meditated at least once per day, I had some great breakthroughs during my theta healing session, I gave my skin & body a break from makeup/spray tans and gave my skin some TLC with facials, acupuncture and took time to make nourishing food vs my usual hurried meal prep.

Now I am choosing to focus on the positives: I’ve been staying perfect on my AIP diet & hydration. I’ve scheduled important down time to recover & heal. I already feeling lighter & more balanced. My body is better & better every day!

The lesson I am taking from this: Although I’m a perfectionist, I’m not perfect. Bumps in the road are normal and I overcome any and all challenges.

Thank you for spending time with me today.

Brianna Marie, Holistic Healing Fit Club

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