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I spent almost two decades under the care of conventional docs who not only told me that everything was in my head and but also prescribed damaging anti-anxiety & depressant meds. I then spent half of the time after diagnoses being a pharma guinea pig which caused major turmoil in my life. If I had simply made lifestyle/dietary changes....I would have started healing back then.

Now having said that, I realize that it’s NOT always black & white. Many of my clients will continue to need a collaborative combo whether it’s due to the severity/complications of their illness or that they’re not ready to go 'balls to the wall' for healing. Its important to note that I have no resentment towards the Docs I’ve seen over the years. They were limited by their teachings and every moment of all of it, brought me to the point where I am today...happily off all of my pharma meds, in remission -- healthier and more self actualized then I have ever been!

Again, I want to make it clear that I do not resent doctors in the conventional system, even with all of the horrific experiences. Many of them may not come around to incorporating a holistic outlook in patient care, but those that do can be powerful allies!

Lab Testing/Health & Medical Resources

  • MyMedLab – MyMedLab allows you to order lab tests online, without visiting your doctor, and connects you with a patient service center in your area to complete the tests. They also facilitate the dispersal of your results.

  • TrueHealth Labs – Order your own lab tests online with this slick system. Search their site to find 1000s of individual lab tests. Place your order and they handle the rest.

  • Institute for Functional Medicine – The IFM is the leader in functional medicine education and their website has an excellent “find a practitioner” search feature.

  • The Paleo Approach – The comprehensive, science-based guide to reversing autoimmune disease using the Paleo Autoimmune Protocol, written by Sarah Ballantyne, PhD.

  • The Autoimmune Wellness Handbook – Mickey and Angie’s co-authored guide to living well with autoimmune disease through dietary and lifestyle modifications. Includes a 7-step plan, 30 day meal plan + recipes, and a 90-day lifestyle plan.

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