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Updated: Jun 27, 2018

I am ecstatic to announce that all of my hard work is paying off. I am making so much progress and have put my Hashimotos into remission. I am no longer taking those damaging pharmaceutical thyroid & Rheumatoid medications and am feeling better every day! #operationgutheal is still in full effect and by the end of this year, I plan to be off all of my asthma meds as well! For everyone that is asking, "HOW THE HELL DID YOU DO THAT?!" I have complied a list of things that have helped me along the way.

Start Healing

  1. Trust your intuition. I spent many years trusting other people and it wasn't until I started questioning my doctors and learning on my own that I began to find answers.

  2. Embrace the template. The AIP protocols for healing are not one-size-fits-all; they are templates that promote individuality and self-discovery.

  3. Information is power. Learn enough to be an informed and proactive advocate for your health.

  4. Start simple. Begin with the foundations of diet, sleep, stress-management, movement, and relationships before delving deeper.

  5. Take it slow. Don’t be afraid to make changes in phases–I certainly didn't get to this point overnight, although I originally expected to!

  6. Food is your friend. See it as providing nourishment to every single cell in your body and not as a punishment.

  7. Set yourself up for success. Planning and preparation are the key.

  8. Be a nutrient-seeker. Don’t ignore the foods that accelerate healing and restore health. In the beginning I ate things that I didn't care for and now, I am craving those foods. Remember food is medicine.

  9. Smart Supplementing. Nutrients are often synergistic and more potent in nature’s packaging, however today's options leave us deprived of vital essentials. Work with your nutritionist to add medical grade supps into your routine.

  10. Don’t diet “harder.” Resist the temptation to further restrict instead of troubleshooting. I started healing and loosing weight the more I ate.

  11. Seek help. When necessary, thoughtfully add practitioners to your team that are willing to collaborate, not undermine your authority on you.

  12. Test, don’t guess. Always use testing to reveal root issues if progress is not as expected. Until I knew which parasite I had, none of the general parasite cleanses worked and my healing progress was halted, for example.

  13. Savings Account. Investing in your health now is a valuable savings account for the future of your health.

  14. Strive for balance. Restoring our health is a worthy cause, but allowing it to consume you & add stress will defeat the purpose.

  15. Support is crucial. If your networks aren’t strong enough, explore ways to add to your human connections.

  16. Re-frame the negatives. Find areas where your life has been expanded by your experience with illness. I personally would have continued life in a career that made me miserable instead of finding my ultimate passion.

  17. Practice gratitude. Give thought energy to what is good and right in your life.

  18. Eyes on your own journey. The path to wellness is unique for all of us. Resist the urge to compare.

  19. Health before image. Value wellness above numbers on a scale or reflections in a mirror.

  20. Vibrant health is a lifelong journey. Nobody ever regrets investing in their wellness. Enjoy the process of restoring your health!

Brianna Marie, Holistic Healing Fit Club

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