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Month 2 Progress Update

Hey guys! I am officially in month 2 of the 6 month plan. If you read the RESULTS blog, you know that months 1 & 2 are all about healing my adrenals, reducing all stress; physical, emotional & environmental. While initially I have been in my own little happy hell over here, I am still learning a ton & have started to really appreciate the lessons I am being slapped in the face with, lol!

I started month one with a TON of stress, mainly because they told me not to workout...well not intensely anyway. The fear of gaining weight which affects my income as a model/entertainer, the fear of losing everything that I had worked so hard to achieve the last several years, and the fears of doing all of this & it not working in the end.

So I began to try and let go, which I have learned is not something my body, emotional mind or cells want to do, no matter how much I tell myself to. I decided to continue working out, but dial it way back. Who am I kidding? I advise everyone to listen to their body, rest, recover...but then I never do?! So, the workouts have been going well. Food wise, I am continuing on a strict elimination since I am so sensitive to everything while I have intestinal permeability. (leaky gut) Being on the elimination isn't so hard, its having to explain myself to everyone who doesn't get it and traveling while eliminating was very challenging...somehow, I managed it!

I was able to attend the A4M conference since I am a student. This is the same conference that I attended in December, but the focuses were different. Being at the conference, soaking up SO much information gave me a much needed boost in energy & excitement. I will this year become a Holistic Practitioner and next year apply for functional medical training. I will most likely be in school for many years because advancements are happening every single day, learning the newest ways to help my clients is what motivates me to continue.

In between all of that, I was participating in a strong liver cleanse in order to reset my liver. My little lazy liver does not detox properly in either phase 1 or 2, so it needed a boost....and boost it got! Problem was, all of the toxins were being released BUT my body was not eliminating AT ALL. I went 8 days straight without eliminating in fact. Yes, that's possible and usually a side effect of having Hashimotos, but for me a lifelong battle since I was born. I have tried everything known to man in order to eliminate, but to no avail. So since I wasn't able to release the toxins, they came out in other ways unfortunately.

Huge cystic acne, very bad eczema, vertigo, severe brain fog, mood lability, insomnia, and the horrible nail infection from last years dumbbell drop is back....plus much more.

I was NOT about to continue sulking around, I have healing to do! So I jumped into action, scheduled several colonics, (which are very controversial & a topic for another blog) and dug deep into emotional healing.

I have really been making progress in my Theta Healing sessions and have focused on myself, scheduling other energetic healing sessions, reducing my toxic overload of people, chemicals, and stress triggers.

I really find it hard to let go of the guilt associated with cutting people out, but I realize that if I am truly going to heal, I cannot allow guilt to rule who I allow in or not.

I am meditating more, watching TV less. I do see a marked improvement in the way I am handling stresses. For example, this past week, my main computer finally died...and so did the back up external HD! Tens of thousands of dollars plus years of hard work in content LOST. My normal response would have been to lose my shit. I would have been on a tirade, anyone in my wake would be very sorry they crossed paths with me. My body would have also responded to the stress, broke out or something unpleasant.

But....I didn't fret. I took my computer to the geeks at Best Buy, they were able to salvage my content and I have all of it. It was something out of my control, so I just had to let it go....and I did.

Still have a ways to go but I will post another update soon! Happy Healing!

Brianna, Holistic Healing Fit Club

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