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Pit Detox & Mother Dirt Review

Hey guys! Back to give you some product feedback as well as mission remission updates for operation gut heal.

So part of #missionremission is to clean up external toxins/triggers. To know me is to know that I 1-obsessed with all things makeup & personal care and 2-OCD AF & have a spotless house at all times. What does that mean??? It means that on top of the food, medicine, and environmental toxins...I am in a toxic overload. It was pretty scary when I saw my test results (which I will post soon).

I began cleaning up my home, trying to get rid of the very toxic cleaning supplies and replacing them with organic & safer choices. There are SO many things in your home that are hormone disrupting (mattresses-flame retardant, teflon cooking pans, upholstery, carpet, drapery, plastic food storage, my beloved Bath & Body 3-wick candles, etc, etc, etc)...legit crazy chemicals EVERYWHERE we turn. Next I will search for the perfect ceramic or cast iron cooking pans/pots!

I am replacing things step by step because its pretty fucking expensive to change everything & its also pretty overwhelming. Today, we're gonna focus on personal care products though.

If you have been following my snapchat stories regarding finding the perfect deodorant, listen up! I first followed the advice of my trustworthy TWL crew and did an armpit detox. WOW! That in & of itself was pretty cool.

Before we get too deep, you need some history. I SWEAT, A FUCKIN LOT! I mean, its gross & not in a cute way lol. I sweat at the gym, if I am pissed, anxious whatever...plus I live in Vegas and its hot AF most months here. Why does this matter? Because I would have to apply deodorant (about 30 swipes ea armpit) after a shower and then reapply every hour or so. WHY is that so terrible? Ironically, your deodorant or antiperspirant could be making you smell worse. It seems that our bodies adapt to the aluminum salts in antiperspirant that are meant to block the eccrine glands, and after about three months they just stop working as well. That's not the only harmful result----most of those on the market contain fragrances, alcohols, and aluminum compounds, all of which can cause skin issues, sensitivity, and hormone disruption.

What to do?

Step 1: Detox those pits!

Reasons You Want to Detox Your Armpits

  • Your lymph nodes need a break and to breathe, as congested pores can lead to infection and long term implications such as cancer

  • Lower your toxic load within your body

  • Lowered hormonal disruption to help with everything from mood and energy to longevity

  • All natural deodorants will actually block odor, after removal of toxins you can experience fresh armpits

After doing this every day for a week, my pits felt amazing! Super simple too. All you need:

1 Tsp Bentonite Clay

1 Tsp Organic Apple Cider Vinegar

1 Tsp Water

Mix well, apply to each pit for up to 20 min & wash off. *if it starts burning, rinse off sooner, it never burned me though.

So that was the first part, then the hard part of going through almost every natural, aluminum free deodorant. Let's remember that its healthy for our body to perspire, it actually helps us remove toxins...BUT the smell though! No offense to those that enjoy going sans deodorant, but I ain't getting down like that!

I tried literally every brand. I am used to what I am used to, the creams & shit were disgusting. The roll ons were my go to. Schmidts did NOT work although it feel nice. It def did not last through any of my vigorous gym sweat sessions. I thought that Primal Pit paste might be the ticket BUT then I broke out in a really painful rash (prob from the baking soda in it) So I really was at a loss. Feeling very sad that I had to go back to my lady speed stick, and then someone recommended using Mother Dirt.

So just like our gut needs good bacteria to be healthy, the same is true for our skin. We've long believed that bacteria on the skin are harmful. Lathering agents, chemicals, & preservatives in soaps and cleansers remove important oils and good bacteria from our skin. As we've gotten "cleaner", we're having more problems with our skin.

So researching Mother Dirt a little I found that they are not only plant based, unfragranced and preservative-free, but they were supposed to reduce dependence on products like deodorants, moisturizers, and makeup by replenishing our skin microbiomes balance of good, healthy bacteria.

I reached out to the company and told them my plight and brief story about my #missionremission, they were so confident in their product that they sent me samples to use and review!

First I tried the Face & Body Cleanser. It foams up and did take off all of my makeup. I brought it in the shower and also used on my pits.

Next, I used the AO+ mist. I opted to store in the fridge so that the good little bacteria would live longer. If you keep it out of refrigeration, shelf life is only 4 weeks. You can extend it to 6 months. As directed on their website, I used it anywhere I sweat; pits, face, head, lady parts. Its pretty refreshing right after

a shower from the fridge!

I then used the moisturizer on my face, neck and decided what the hell, I will test spot it on a bad eczema patch of skin that I have on my wrist.

After 2 weeks of use, I was started noticing that I didn't need as much deodorant. I really could get by with applying right after the shower, and only 3 swipes (vs my 30! from before) and it would last all day-no need to reapply every hour, or at all! I also noticed that the eczema on my wrist started to hurt and itch less.

By the third week, it was part of my daily routine and I started to see some other positive results. My face was not quite as oily as before, so my makeup lasted longer. If I wasn't running around all day and worked from home for example, I didn't even need deodorant. The best unexpected plus was that my painful eczema was responding to something natural. The only thing that worked before was awful steroid filled creams. With the moisturizer, the pain and redness is gone. The bumps and dry patches are still there and do get exacerbated if I am stressed or overheat but they are greatly diminished.

So, is Mother Dirt worth the price tag?

Is your body important to you? Do you know how much money you spend on your current personal care regimen now? I would go through 1 deodorant every 1.5 weeks or less, not to mention the steroid cream cost me a whopping $475!!!! (a-holes! but that's another story). I don't apply makeup every single day as before since I am trying to lower my toxic load but when I do, it goes on better and lasts all day. So I am not wasting makeup products, and if you saw my sephora sale post! SMH, I drop major loot there.

For me, investing in myself is not a luxury. Its a necessity. I allowed many years to go by making financial excuses as to why I could not take the steps to be well. As I continue on this #missionremission journey, I know that the ONLY way to heal is to invest in myself. If I don't, no one else will! Think on that one folks. I speak the truth! Lol.

To conclude my review, I highly recommend Mother Dirt. I will continue to use and see how much I can cut down on using other personal care products. Fun fact: for every 1 personal care product men use, woman use 12!!! Which definitely explains why woman have a lot higher rate of Hashimotos and other autoimmune issues. It's a little challenging for me to change old habits as an OCDer, I love routine, but I am shifting to a healthier, safer one that my body will thank me for in the long run.

Thank you for spending time with me today guys! Have a beautiful day.

Brianna Marie, Holistic Healing Fit Club

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