• Brianna Marie

HHFC Workout: Quick Booty Burn

The BEST way to plump your butt--naturally, is to work it correctly! That all starts with knowing how to activate & warm up your target muscles.

Pro Tip:

Start your warm up with these awesome booty bands and be careful to use proper form, don't rotate your hips backwards or forwards. You also want to roll out your hip flexors, if they are too tight, you won't be able to recruit the glute muscles properly.

Warm up:

  • Hip Flexor Roller 35 sec each side

  • Booty band clam shells 30 each side

Set 1:

  • Hip Thrusts x25

  • Hip Thrust Pulse x25

  • Lying Double Leg Bridges x25

  • Bridge Pulse x25

Complete this 4x

Set 2:

  • Weighted Squat x30 *Notice in the video I have my heels on 2 small plates to support my back/knees and keep proper form-it may be helpful to try this if you have a limited range of motion.

  • Weighted Squat Pulses x30

  • Romanian Single Leg Squat x15 each side

Complete this 3x

Set 3:

  • Single Leg Deadlifts x20 each side

  • Straight Leg Deadlift x30

  • Booty Band Low Side Step x30 each side

Complete this 3x

Roll out! And you are done!

I hope you enjoyed! Drop me a comment below saying BURN if you've tried this workout!

Thanks for joining me today!

Brianna Marie, HHFC

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