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Results are in! Functional vs Conventional Medicine.

Updated: May 16, 2018

It has been a LONG time coming and I promised to share all of my test results.

Let's rewind just a bit for those that are tuning in a little late. An elimination diet is always a requirement to healing however, there is always one or more root causes to your autoimmune issues. I spend a lot of time discussing hashimotos, asthma and RA because they relate to me however, this applies to ALL autoimmune disease.

As I am still a student and fresh to the game of functional medicine, I hired a professional to walk me through getting to the root of my diseases.

I already knew the issues that I believed I have been dealing with for many years unknowingly, I just needed proof on paper! Now, I have it.

I want to be clear before we dig in here, I fully believe that there is a place for conventional medicine & doctors. i am not going to apply the 4 R method to a broken arm, or use essential oils to mend it. It is important to know the difference between conventional & functional medicine.

Conventional medicine primarily identifies the symptoms a patient is experiencing and uses those symptoms to identify a disease and to create a treatment plan that frequently involves finding the proper pharmaceuticals that will reduce the symptoms.  Functional medicine focuses on finding the “root cause” behind the symptoms.  The symptoms are not something to hide but rather they are clues for determining the underlying problems that are producing the symptoms.

Conventional medicine is really focused on acute care, diagnosing and treating trauma or short term illnesses, such as a heart attack or broken arm. Physicians have specific prescribed treatments that could include surgery or drugs and the entire treatment approach is focused around treating the immediate symptom or problem.

It is critical to look at all the body systems and how they work together.  A systems-based approach is extremely important to treat patients suffering from chronic illness.  There is incredible pressure on doctors by insurance companies to spend as little time as possible with each patient, and that is the exact opposite of what is needed to really develop a patient/doctor partnership. This partnership is necessary to thoroughly analyze all the information about the patient’s symptoms and the interaction with his or her environment.  A functional medicine approach is needed to truly understand how everything works together in the body. Fortunately, there is an increased understanding of the importance of the Functional Medicine approach, and more and more physicians are receiving additional training to help them practice as a Functional Medicine physician.

You can find functional & integrative (conventional docs that have a functional background as well!) professionals that can help you along your road to recovery.

CLICK HERE to find someone in your area.

Fun & not so fun stuff.....result time. So if you've read my post about testing fails, you now know that tests are not perfect and they are never 100% accurate, HOWEVER, there are tests and labs that are more accurate than others.

Over the years, I get my hormones & thyroid, cortisol levels checked every few months. I have recently gotten my very first poo analysis as well as a SIBO test & other fun stuff like heavy metal screening etc. A LOT was missed. When things are missed, it can be very disheartening, frustrating & expensive.

Summary of test results:

You can see details of exact tests & labs, cost etc HERE

1. IGG/IGE Testing* Food/environmental allergens, I discuss this in more detail HERE

Allergies were all previously known but nice to check yearly.

I AM off the IgE (antibody allergen response) charts allergic to: GLUTEN, dairy, soy, eggs, sesame, hazelnut, all mites, all pollens, animal danders :(, cockroach, aspergillus* this is a mold present in nuts, soy and many other foods, so if you are allergic to it, you should NOT consume the food its in!

2. GI MAP (functional stool testing)

Found- Pathogens:

Overgrowth of bad bacteria as well as H. Pylori->>>which induces inflammation to gut mucosa promoting long term infection.

babA, dupA, virB & D positive->>> increased risk of gastric ulcers and cancers.

Parasitic infestation->>> intestinal permeability (leaky gut) which compromises your entire immune system, will not allow your body to digest, assimilate or detox properly, prevents proper healing of GI mucosa and promotes autoimmunity.

Secretory IgA: very low->>>antibody protein secreted by GI as 1st line of defense in immune system. Low Levels= leaky gut, increased infection, allergic & inflammatory disease of the intestine.

Calprotectin->>>levels over 50=IBS (mine is 104), levels over 150=IBD or colorectal cancer.

3. Organix (urine)

Found: Fatty Acid Metabolism->>> cannot break down long chain fatty acids (body fat) *am able to break down short chain fatty acids (MCT, caprylic acid)

Severe Carnitine deficiency

Carbohydrate metabolism->>> insulin resistant, Pyruvate not detected (which means insulin is not signalling the cell to make energy*Could be #1 reason for low energy & weight loss inability, B-Hydroxybutyrate-not detected, means will be very ill if meals are skipped.

Energy production->>>cis-aconitate very low, not utilizing aminos or proteins. not getting enough BCA or essential aminos (I take these daily-my body is not absorbing anything well, thousands of dollars in supps being shit out)

Neurotransmitters->>>no longer being made due to HPA-axis dysregulation & low cortisol rhythm, kynurenate-elevated to protect from inflammation

Oxidative damage & Antioxidant markers->>>elevated marking high cell turnover indicating injury and/or tumor production.

Detoxification Indicators->>>Elevated, indicating poor phase 1 & 2 detox pathways.

Indican-elevated meaning low digestive enzymes & stomach acid plus bacteria overgrowth. D-lactate-elevated, marker of SIBO

4. Dutch-Hormones + Cortisol (salivary & urine)

Found: CAR-mini stress test: very low response through the entire day, HPA Axis is very underactive from excessive stressors (emotional, glycemic dysregulation, circadian rhythm, hidden inflammation such as nutritional depletion & infections, etc.) The small amount of cortisol I am making is not being metabolized at all.

Glutathione-very low *master antioxidant & very important of ridding body of toxins

Dopamine-very low (assoc. with adrenal fatigue, low blood pressure, depression)

Low Catecholamines-which effects the gut lining.

5. Array 14 (saliva)

Found: Gut flora dysbiosis, metabolic disorder, wheat germ agglutinin, alpha & beta casein, casomorphin IgA & IgM (gluten & dairy)->>>high immune response, non-celiac gluten sensitivity* Note that I have NOT been eating gluten or dairy but they have somehow sneaked into my body (suspect: improper food & supplement labeling, restaurants cross-contamination)

Overall: Demonstrating significant stress based on very low cortisol, low catacholamines (adrenaline) which in turn is affecting the mucosal lining (leaky gut) & my ability to mount a healthy immune response for my asthma, hasimotos & RA. Detox pathways need fixing, toxins are not being released & are creating more inflammation as well as nothing is being absorbed properly. Gut inflammation caused by pathogenic bacteria & parasitic infection needs eradication.

So, let's take a broad look at me. I am very active, I practice meditation, mindfulness & am actively seeking counseling/help, I eat cleaner than anyone I know-organic as much as possible and supplement well, I do not drink or smoke or do drugs. On the outside, I look fine right? Well I am not. I had childhood asthma, physical/mental/emotional abuse as well as currently have high life stressors & autoimmune expression.

During my years of testing I have been "tested" for most of the above before, but with serum (blood) tests, you are only looking at the blood. You cannot detect what's happening on a cellular level.

  • I have had past testing show that I have excellent nutrient levels (blood only) and I am clearly deficient. **because they did not test on a cellular level.

  • past testing missed SIBO, missed parasites, missed H.Pylori. **I believe this is because I started hydro-colon therapy & was able to get further into the GI tract after the 1st false negative test.

  • past testing showed normal cortisol levels **Without doing saliva/urine the entire day, you will not get accurate results.

Thanks to my schooling & working with the right functional medical professionals, I am FINALLY able to really see what is going on inside my body. I now know why I am continuing to get sicker & sicker! (Normally one autoimmune issue (asthma) leads to more hashimotos & now RA) Getting my results was something I have waited SO long for. I knew that I had leaky gut, SIBO, parasites etc, I also knew that my stress response was the worst its ever been-unable to handle even daily situations.

Knowing is only part of the battle. Now continues my mission to remission as this part of my journey begins. It may be the hardest yet, but if anyone can do it...I can! I will! Let's fucking goooo!

Plan of action: Month 1 & 2

1-Continue #OperationGutHeal adding healing foods; bone broth, fermented foods, vegetables, coconut products. Continuing my aloe/silver protocol

2-Decrease stress response! Have you ever been told to chill out?? Um, yea...wish me luck with that. This is the key to fully healing. Time for some inner reflection & changes! Whew....

3-Improve Immune response

4-Improve pancreatic/gall bladder/stomach function

5-Support liver detox phase 1 & 2 pathways

6-Improve insulin resistance & ability to process carbs

7-Nutritional Support

8-Lifestyle changes.

Month 3-4

1-Continue protocol from month 1 & 2, supporting stress response, immune response, digestion, liver with detox, insulin utilization, & inflammation.

2-Pathogenic eradication with the 4R Program: Remove, Replace, Repopulate, then Repair.

Month 5

1-Retest to ensure eradication of bacteria & parasite.

Now that I have been very transparent about my results, aren't you a little more interested to find out how to get yourself into optimal health? Is it costly, yup. What is your mental & physical health worth to you? Are you ok with being tired, sluggish, feeling bloated, mood swings, not sleeping or pooing? (and so much more!)

I AM NOT! LET'S FUCKING GOOOO! I am ready. You can follow my journey here!

I hope this info will help you all.

Brianna, Holistic Healing Fit Club

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