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Stem Cell Therapy: Part I

Hey guys! You may have seen my Instagram stories this past December when I was lucky enough to receive IV stem cell therapy? Well here's the video & post to recap and explain the experience.

What does Stem Cell Therapy do?

1. Stem Cells Heal Your Body

We all have stem cells naturally occurring in our bodies, but with age, this number decreases rapidly thus impacting our body’s natural ability to heal and maintain optimal cellular function. By introducing a high concentration of stem cells we are then able to heal and perform on a cellular level in ways that we have not been capable of since birth. Stem cells are so important because they have the unique ability to split in two, with one half becoming whatever type of cell our body needs while the other half remains a stem cell.

Stem cells can detect damaged cells and areas of inflammation, seeking out the compromised area to resolve the problem.

Stem cells can be used locally to combat hair loss, aging skin and compromised sexual performance and experience, as well as systemically to treat the body in its entirety. (which is what I opted for)

When administered through IV, the stem cells are able to aide in healing damaged organs or tissues, combating areas of inflammation and promoting regeneration, thus improving the function of our body as a whole. (lung tissue, gut, etc)

Instead of using medications that often do more harm than good, taking supplements that don’t deliver, or using artificial methods of supporting our organ function until we qualify for a donation – stem cell therapy is able to spread healthy cells to promote healing throughout the body.

2. Stem Cells are a Natural Source of Resurgence

The “Fountain of Youth” has been sought after for hundreds of years by those hoping to capture and bottle youthfulness and vitality forever. While we know that's bogus, stem cells aide adults in living healthier, happier lives full of activity and vigor long after their youth has passed.

One of the greatest benefits of improving your health using stem cells is that they are a natural source of resurgence. Instead of relying on synthetic materials or agents that have the potential to harm our bodies more than help them, patients receive a level of healing and revitalization that we have not had since birth.

3. IV Delivers Stem Cells Throughout the Body

Stem Cell Therapy for patients are administered in two ways; localized treatment – using stem cells to rejuvenate a specific area or areas of concern such as aging skin, injured joint or hair loss. These localized stem cells are then able to work on a specific area, restoring and strengthening those cells for improved function and appearance.

Stem Cell Healing Potential

However, IV therapy allows the entire body to receive benefit of the stem cells regenerating factors. By going directly into the bloodstream, the stem cells are then able to travel system-wide searching for damaged cells and areas of inflammation to treat. This method allows autoimmune issues such as rheumatoid arthritis, Hashimotos, and Crohn’s to see a decrease in the body’s reaction to this specific area with significant improvement of symptoms and overall improvement in how the individual feels. Also, able to aide in areas of damage or inflammation such as organ damage, compromised functionality, and ability to heal and regenerate.

4. IV Stem Cell Therapy is Convenient

Instead of relying on medications with names you can’t pronounce and a list of side effects that make you dizzy, IV Stem Cell Therapy is simple and effective. This therapy does not require any downtime and patients are able to resume normal activity as soon as they leave the office.

Things you need to know:

Before selecting a practitioner or stem cell therapy clinic, there are a few things you should know and ask before putting down a deposit and scheduling.

  • Make sure the clinician/physician has experience. They are considered an expert after 200+ procedures. My Las Vegas Practitioner

  • What cell source are they using? Adipose tissue derived stem cells are commonly used and the least effective. Adipose tissue (fat tissue) is also where your body stores extra toxins, so why would you want to re-inject that? Amniotic cells are what I chose and they were from Utah Cord Bank

  • Are they certified & in compliance with FDA regulations? There are many clinics that operate outside of compliance and regulations, be sure you are not dealing with any of them.

  • Are you prepping properly for your new cells? Have you stopped taking medications that kill stem cells? (steroids-including asthma corticosteroids, NSAID's-aspring, Ib profen, tylenol etc) Alcohol, gluten, dairy, soy, and other inflammatory foods kill stem cells. You must cut out all of these things a minimum of 30 days prior and 7-12 months afterwards to maximize the healing potential.

  • Are you mentally prepared to accept your new cells? A big part of healing begins emotionally and spiritually. Are you adopting new techniques to relieve stress, improve sleep and ensure the new cells come into a hospitable environment? Meditation, reduce exposure to TV/Phone/Social media in the evenings.

  • After care. The clinician should send you home with a packet of info explaining how you need to reduce all physical and emotional stress, adopt new healthful habits of eating and living long after the injection or IV is complete. It will take months for the new cells to do their healing thing. Patience and consistency are key.

I have several friends who failed to do their research and wasted a ton of $$$ on dead cells from non-reputable sources as well as were never told how to prep for the new cells. Give my video a watch and comment below with any other Qs you may have! I will be posting a part II update between summer-fall of 2019 to let you know how my stem cells are doing!

Thank you for spending time with me today, I hope you enjoyed!

Brianna Marie, HHFC

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