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Travel Ticks To Stay On Track!

Hey guys! Back for some more?? So happy to have you :) I frequently hear people saying that it's impossible to stay on their plans while traveling. I am often asked what I do when I am jet-setting around the world.

Like you've heard me say before, where there's a will, there's a way!

Whether you are going on an extended trip or just a short get-away, there are always things that you can do to make staying on track easier. If you are new to a healthy lifestyle, it may seem a little difficult or annoying but once you start consistently putting your health as a top priority, you'll never look back! Unless it's to see how far you've come! 


One of the very first things I do when planning a trip is to research hotels with decent gyms either in them or nearby. I also make sure that there is a mini-fridge in my room. Most hotels have these now-a days and even if they are filled with soda & drinks you can empty them until you leave to put your belongings inside. If there is not one, most will supply one if you ask. If I am staying with friends or family, I generally know that there is a gym close-by and am able to use their kitchens!


Whether you are flying or driving to your destination there are many options when it comes to eating healthy on the go. The key is really in planning ahead. A goal without a plan is just a wish! On a recent work trip to Northern Cali, I was able to find the best of both worlds. A beautiful hotel that had fully equipped kitchen and an amazing gym. I ended up driving up (since I live in Vegas) and pre-made most of my meals and snacks. I also packed all of my supps and vitamins to ensure that my body was not going to have any deficiencies. When I am not able to drive somewhere, I will either fly with my six-pack fitness bag, go straight to the grocery store if I have access to a kitchen, or I will order from a healthy meal prep delivery service.

Some easy foods to pack:

Fruits, nuts, nut butter packets, Vegan protein bars (I really like Garden of Life), pre-cut raw veggies, super greens powder (I like NutriDyn) and Your Super Foods travel packets are awesome, oatmeal packets, chia seed packs (top on yogurt or make pudding ((I make pre-made dry chia pudding baggies and then add almond milk when I arrive)), Vegan protein powder (I typically pack my bullet blender for shakes but a good shaker cup will do also), cinnamon (great for protein shakes and chia pudding or oats) & stevia (most places I have been on carry splenda and other chemical sweeteners),

Homemade power balls or trail mix, gogi berries, and the list goes on. You can also bring tea bags through TSA and they will allow the six pack fitness cooler bags with the ice packs as long as the ice packs are frozen. Any dressings or oils you can bring for a pre-made salad can pass through in a ziploc bag. I generally make a chicken salad with tons of veggies and either eat it dry or ask an airline restaurant for a little olive oil.

*There are many choices so that you may avoid the airline lounge food or gas station snacks!


If you found a hotel with a gym that will get you by, fantastic! If there are a few things lacking or you won't have a gym, there are lots of options. While traveling around Europe, I find that not even the fanciest of hotels have gyms all of the time. Last summer, in Saint Tropez for example, I didn't have a gym to use. What did I do? Sit in my room and pout?? HELL NO! I always pack my resistance bands, booty bands, jump rope and inflatable pilates ball with me. There are a million uses for all of them, not to mention the run on the beach was MUCH more challenging than my usual treadmill sprints. Go outside, be active! You can do this!


Restaurants; yep, I am that customer. The girl who always says...."Sorry in advance but may I order off menu?" I haven't been to many places that won't accommodate me asking for steamed veggies without butter or salt. Or for a particular menu item to be prepared in a healthier way. Sometimes they cannot and will offer ideas to help. There are several pretty cool apps available for free download that help you find restaurants near you based on what you are looking for. Ex: Vegan, Gluten-free etc. Healthy Out is one of them.


1. Plan ahead. Whether on the road or in the air, pack your first meal so you don’t have to eat the junk on the highway or in the airport.  Yes, you can take food & vitamins through security!

2. Pack snacks.  Apples, nuts, and some bars travel very well.

3. Get moving.  We always eat better when we are consistent with our fitness.

4. Speak up.  It's not rude to ask a restaurant for special orders, you are the customer. Just ask nicely :)

Honestly guys, if you really want to stick to your health/fitness plan, you friggin can! Now will I allow a little lee-way to my plan when traveling? Hell yes! What's the point of life if you can't live?? Its just all about balance here. If you feel like 1 cheat will turn into 3, into 5 into all hell breaking lose lol, well, I don't recommend it. If you can live a little but get right back on track...Go for it!

Safe travels!

Thanks for spending some time with me on my blog!

Brianna, Holistic Healing Fit Club

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