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Updated: Mar 13, 2019

One of the most frequent Qs I am asked is how the hell I manage meal prep every week. "I have no time!" they say, "Its so hard!" they cry. Well, suck it up buttercup!

The ONLY way you are going to be successful in transitioning to a healthier lifestyle is by planning & preparation. Plain & simple guys, if you want anything bad enough...you'll work for it right? RIGHT! (that's also how I explain my Lulu Lemon addiction lol!)

How I handle my at home meal prep each week:

  • I usually prep one large batch of protein (we'll say organic chicken breast) on meal prep day 1, store the extras in my glass food storage containers. (these are cool for fancy meal prep) and I make several different veggies to switch around: organic sauteed broccolini, roasted brussel sprouts etc and a healing & yummy bone broth soup and I will wash & prep veggies/fruit to be juiced or blended into smoothies.

  • the next day for variety, I may make something very quick, like my fresh frozen fish from my FAVORITE Wild Seafood store: Vital Choice. You don't even have to remember to thaw anything out most of the time. Their Salmon burgers for example are incredible & you just cook from the freezer-no weird frozen taste either.

  • Then I will have the 1st days protein again the following day, switching veggies again, maybe make a ginormous salad with my chicken.

  • The following day or the next day that there is a tiny bit of extra time, (which no, there's NEVER extra time, but I make it because my health is my top priority) I will make more veggies & a new protein main, such as organic ground turkey breast into either meat sauce with zoodles, or just a yummy ground mix of turkey & herbs that I can throw in a bowl with veggies(-some fermented too of course!) & avocado.

  • I will switch back & forth throughout the week until its over.

  • For snacks, I pre-make chia protein puddings, my berries & cream or power balls for easy to grab eats to leave no room for flubs. (I will even pre-mix the dry ingredients for the chia & add the coconut milk day off for optimal freshness...)

Its NOT that difficult honestly, and once you get into a groove, it comes second nature. I barely takes me an hour these days & then I am on my way. (unless I have extra time to spend on more involved recipes & then I will take my time and add some extra love) Being healthy is a choice. Just as its your choice to run through the drive through on the way home because you have no energy to cook... You'd have much more energy if you were choosing nutrient dense, real whole foods instead btw.

And for those that are reading this thinking I am out of my damn mind (lol), during times of extreme duress or work, I will opt to have meals delivered. I highly recommend Paleo On The Go. No they are not paying me to say this! Its costly, but you get what you pay for with everything! Their food is always fresh frozen, Organic!, Gluten free, dairy free, grain free, low sugar, low sodium & its actually pretty yummy. Some of my favs are Grandma's chicken soup, the beef empanadas, Salmon Burgers, Chicken Burgers and their pot pies! Omg! Feels like you're cheating. (Keep in mind most meals can be split in two) The carob mint cookies..... (DROOL)



There's a little hot box that heats your meals if you are on the go, at work or traveling. This saved my life on my last trip to Florida. Its pretty hard finding any restaurants that would be able to accommodate my strict elimination AIP diet. Use coupon code:

"BriannaMarieHHFC" for $15 off!

NOW to the fun part. My easiest & most convenient recipe!

Holistic Healing Fit Club Recipe

Recipe: Lemon Pepper Chicken Difficulty: Easy Peasy

You'll need:

  • 4-6 large Organic Chicken breasts

  • 1 Organic Lemon

  • 2 tbsp Organic cold pressed Olive Oil

  • 2 tbsp Organic lemon pepper seasoning (vital choice makes a super delish one!)

  • Large crockpot

  • optional* Sometimes I add an organic lemon/olive oil marinade with a sprinke of sea salt vs everything else.

What's next?

Add chicken to crock, poke a few holes with a fork, juice lemon, add oil & seasoning.

Cover & cook on high for 4 hours.

Waaalaa! Once the 4 hours are done, (the chicken can sit there on warm until you are ready to eat it.) take 2 forks (or a manual hand mixer) and pull apart/mix with juices. ((there will be plenty of juices-trust me!))

This chicken is perfect for everything; salads, soups, main dishes-add avocado & veg and its insanely delish! You can use it for kids meals too, add sprouted, soaked rice if you eat grains. There is a lot you can do here!

**If you do not want pulled chicken you can use same recipe & cook in crock 90 min to 2 hours & eat portioned breast or chop it up instead.

Total Calories per 4 oz: 120- P: 26g C:0g F:1g

Brianna, Holistic Healing Fit Club

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